About Nema Associates

Nema Associates Inc., a minority owned business, has been focused on bringing relevant solutions to all of our clients, from government institutions to corporate industries. Our team's knowledge encompass years of experience and a multi-faceted approach to consulting, marketing, design, printing and multi-media development, providing the best solutions with outstanding results.

our story

Back in 1993 Juan Carlos Lopez, one of the founders of the company, while working in the corporate world serving the retail industry, it became obvious to him in his every day dealings with stores, that most of the Independent Retail Supermarkets didn’t have a solid advertising option for them to be able to promote their ethnic stores and their special needs, the circumstances presented at that time by the industry and the alternatives they had, didn’t really address their needs, only the needs of wholesalers using a cookie cutter program for all of them in general, missing completely the large influx the Hispanic community was having with its rapid growth and the new product lines being introduced every day by small distributors.

Our founder decided to leave his corporate job in order to dedicate his time and efforts,100% to the development of  the company, Nema Associates, Inc. The roots of the name were "NE" twork "MA" rketing. Nema Associates, Inc. started serving just a few supermarkets with the production of their circulars.  Soon after, his wife and cofounder Claudia Lopez, joined the company to run the office, her background was computer technologies and programing, a perfect fit for a company like Nema.

Nema Associates introduced to the industry, the need of separating printing and distribution services and give complete control to the stores, by making those two companies accountable for their services independently and become by default a control of each other and their services. Today is the only model used in the industry at large and it became the standard.

Nema Associates, continued its growth through the years, as our integrity and reputation opened doors in other sectors of the food industry and created new opportunities for the company. From its humble beginnings in a basement, to our current headquarters a 10,000sqft building of office and production space in order to continue its expansion of services and products. Nema Associates has become the leading agency for manufacturers and distributors with their needs for packaging design, web development, product supporting marketing materials, merchandising solutions, all types of printing and much more.

Today Nema Associates, Inc. offers a turnkey service to its clients from a simple idea to the production and fulfillment of a finished execution, the company covers the whole spectrum of services for the support and growth of your brand. Our goals continue to be the same and our work ethics continues to be our drive every day. We bring ideas and solutions to every client, every day.

We are…all about solutions!

Our Mission

To always offer relevant solutions to our clients in order to help them grow and expand their ideas, products and services.

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